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学习社区包括和你的一些学生同伴一起参加预先设定的课程, attending activities and events outside of the classroom, 有意地连接校内和校外的资源,这将有助于提高你在游戏MG的学术体验.

If you're interested in taking part in a Learning Community, contact one of the coordinators below or email to ask questions or get started.

Who are Learning Communities for?

Learning Communities are for students who…

  • Have earned up to (but not more than) 16 college credits
  • Are newly admitted to Metro State
  • 还没有决定专业,或者想在某个特定领域探索职业选择
What I liked most was being able to connect with my professors. I really bonded with my English and Psychology professors

— Fall 2021 student

Benefits of Learning Communities

  • 保证在社区学习班为您保留座位
  • 与有相似兴趣和职业目标的同学建立联系的机会
  • 参加课外活动和活动,培养你的领导能力和社交能力
  • 有更好的机会与支持你成功的资源建立联系, such as finding a mentor or advisor
  • Support from Student Services
  • Priority registration for your second semester classes
A group of students walks on the Saint Paul Campus
(我喜欢)发现自己以前不知道的事情. Like making a lot of friends who are different from me.

— Fall 2021 student

Fall 2022 Learning Communities


Exploring Business Careers

For students exploring programs in the College of Management. The courses are:

  • MGMT 100 Introduction to Business
  • MIS 100 Fundamentals of Information Technology in Organizations
  • METR 101 Your Academic Journey

Sally Pinkston — 612-659-7238

TRIO StartRight

为第一代大学生建立社区和归属感. Courses are:

Fall 2022

  • METR 101 Your Academic Journey
  • ANTH 101 Human Origins

Spring 2023

  • HIST 200 Genealogy in Global Context
  • NSCI 206 Garden Science

TRIO Learning Communities Application

TRIO Center — 651-793-1525

Connect. Explore. Decide.

适合在文学院学习的学生或还没有确定专业的学生. The courses are:

  • SSCI 100 Introduction to Social Science
  • WRIT 121 Writing I
  • METR 101 Your Academic Journey

College of Liberal Arts Advising — 651-793-1457

Human Behavior at Work

针对对心理学等辅助专业感兴趣的学生, social work, nursing, human services, and early childhood studies. The courses are:

  • PSYC 100 General Psychology
  • WRIT 121 Writing I Intensive
  • METR 101 Your Academic Journey

Jennifer Broadrick and Sheila Anderson

在游戏MG的第一学期,我喜欢教授和同学之间的互动. 学生和教授之间的互动有助于建立联系. It also makes me feel welcome as a part of something.

— Fall 2020 Learning Community participant